Let’s assume everything is essentially information. Everything we know: consciousness, time, space, matter, etc. Let’s assume the fundamental building blocks of everything we know and everything that is, is information.

This idea would open a whole new dimension, as this information can be stored in many different ways. Our universe could exist inside some huge hard disk, it could be written inside a book, it can even be random information that is present in the arrangement of sand particles on a beach somewhere.

A lot of complex things can be made from a lot of simple things. Even we are made from only a few basic particles.

Will this be a linear fact, or will it be something like a wave. Will the universe become simpler the more we zoom in, finally collapsing into the simplest form of data? Or will it gradually start to become more complex again, in a never ending loop of unlimited information.

And how will this work the other way around. It seems the more we zoom out, the simpler things become again, millions of particles come together to form predicable planets and stars. Is this comparable to becoming more simple, and can complex things arise from these simple instances? Or should we still see a planet like a very complex body, which in turn might or might not leave room for repetition?

Imagine being in a perfectly round, white room. You’re on one half of the room, and suddenly, a perfect clone of yourself appears in the room, exactly the opposite side, in the opposite posture. Every molecule, every atom of that clones being is in the exact state as your molecules and atoms…

Now, in this scenario: will you ever be able to do something different than your clone? Will you ever be able to have a conversation with him?

Life is like a game. And I’m playing to win!

The more I think about existence, the less it makes sense.

The more you repeat a certain action, the more routine it get’s, and the less you have to think about what you are doing.

The first time driving a car you are aware how the steering wheel feels in your hands, which gear to change too, etc. After driving a few times your attention shifts to other things like traffic and improving handling for example.

When you are an experienced driver, driving becomes like walking: you are hardly conscious of the act.

Could this also be the case of living itself? If you don’t experience a lot of new things in live, and live gets routine, could it be that you stop living live on a conscious level?

Maybe the fact older people experience time passing faster is the first sign of this process. What if we eventually become lifeless zombies, only to wake up at new events, wondering where all that time went…

Why do people that are dying often say they will soon meet their maker? Most things don’t return to their factory when they break…right?

It seems the question people have always been asking themselves is “why are we here” or “what is the goal of live”. For me this question is fairly simple to answer: there is no goal for live…right?:)

But if it is actually so simple, why do we keep asking it to ourselves?

I think we need a goal to live, and to make live have a purpose.

Just imagine a world in which you are the absolute overlord. You cannot die, everything is known to you and everything happens the way you want it to happen. Actually, imagine you are god…

Now, how interesting will this be? How much fun are things if you have knowledge of every experience and nothing surprises you. How fun are things if they happen exactly as you want them to happen, without challenging you in the slightest? The answer is obviously: not fun at all. Eventually, live like this will be more of a torture then it would be a joy.

The reason this is not fun is because you will have no goal in live.

All humans need a goal. Early in live this is getting a good job, a family, money etc. But eventually, all what’s left is death. But the fun thing is: this gives us a goal as well, which means we have a reason to live and do not want to die.

Basically, trying to evade death is the last goal we have in live, and the goal which makes us want to be alive. If we achieve this goal, and do not replace it with another, we would wish we could die.

This is the paradox of live.

There is a lot of speculation on how the universe came into existence. The moment before the big bang. How did the incredible compact collection of mass came there to begin with…has it always been there?

Many scientists believe that even the dimensions were created together with the big bang, and there were very different -or no- laws of nature and dimensions before the big bang.

If this is true, doesn’t it make sense that in a non space, where there are no rules whatsoever it also makes great sense that something would just start to exist? And maybe even define completely new rules?

There is a plan for everyone. But only few people make it themselves..

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