Who are we to say god doesn’t exist? It took some time, but compared to a lot of years ago things did get better…seems the praying worked.

What if there is more than one awareness housing within you, and you are the only one that can interact with the world?

Is the universe really as big as we think? In principle the universe only has to be your awareness as it is, nothing more…

Imagine running a program or movie on a computer: each variable has a certain state, and the tick of the computers clock would tell the computer to calculate the next state. If we do this fast enough, and put all these states or frames together, we seem to have time. This time would be an illusion, as the individual states are still standing still.

Now imagine the universe working the same way: time does not exist, and matter would just be standing still everywhere. Now think of the universe as many universes, each universe being just a little bit different from the other. Playing those universes one after another would create the illusion of time. Putting all those “frames” together would to us seem like time was one smooth whole. Especially because we are part of this “framed world” and we have no idea of looking between the frames.

Take this thought one step further: instead of visualizing universes that are slightly different from each other, imagine every possible universe, in every possible state. Since “we” only exist if time exist, the very idea of awareness means it takes multiple frames. This could actually still be possible if there is an endless amount of possible universes. What we observe now is merely because the universe we are in right now supports this. All the weird impossible universes do not support our awareness. Our (type of) awareness forces us to see the universe in a sequential way, but that doesn’t mean the universe can’t be an unimaginable 3D space, and time just being an illusion.

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